Wisdom Garden Institute


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for Nov 8-11 3 Day Retreat at 
Dadaji's Topovan Ashram in Satara, India
Join us for this historic and transformational 3 Day Retreat celebrating the life and teachings of Dadaji at his Topovan Ashram in Satara, India this June.
Topovan Ashram and Samadhi site of Dadaji Gavand, who, over so many years shared the grace and beauty of his life worldwide. I was so blessed to be the first student in the west when I hosted him in my home in the beginning year of 1975. It was an intense period in which Dadaji lovingly shared his grace and Intuitive Intelligence. We will explore his teachings on mindfulness and the revolution in Exploding The Mechanisms of Mind. We will also visit the magnificent countryside and experience village life in this rural part of India.