Wisdom Garden Institute
Our website is a portal to programs of Wisdom Garden Institute 
Our beginnings have their roots in the Himalayas in 1971 at which time a small seed of wisdom was planted by our founder, Girish Chandra Joshi, a simple but learned man who had a compelling message that it was time for Wisdom Garden Institute to spread the Dharma in the west. 
By 1973 we began to nurture the garden by presenting programs, teachers and publications from various traditions but unallied as Joshi had requested.  Throughout the 70s and into the 80s we had sponsored many programs and publications. Then a long winter of years passed while the germination of new and innovative ways of utilizing the digital medium began to break soil including this website. A Facebook Page, and various new publications and videos.
We also invite blogs on our WGI blog and accept submissions for consideration to our WGI Hall of Masters Blog.
We invite all who seek truth to join us in helping this garden of wisdom to flourish and grow.
Ken Reed, Director of Wisdom Garden Institute
Dr Anjali Bhelande, Associate Director, Board of Advisors, India