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I hope to encourage those I meet to enquire deeply into
something much more fundamentalat the root of the great
search for liberation from anxiety, pain and suffering.Instead, 
to develop a disposition of trust in the perfection of Life, that
is unfolding moment to moment. If I can pointyou to the lies 
we tell ourselves to maintain this mannequin we present the 
world, I will have invited you to mind-fully observe The Yoga
of Lies. The great treatises on practice toward the “evolutionary
spiritual turn” to a state of being and transcendence are not 
worth a dime if onefundamental question is not posed. Who AM I?  

To become available to the grace and intuitive intelligence which 
is your authentic self, your default self as presence beyond the lies. 
This is freedom.
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The Art of Falling Back Upon Oneself and The Yoga of Lies, Ken Reed, 
Soft Cover, 102 pages     $9.95
ISBN: 978-0-914794-02-8
A curious title? Perhaps. But the author describes how this particular set of words most perfectly illustrates the journey to an unyielding personal power. A potential available to all but usually masked or shielded by lies we tell ourselves to avoid anxiety about the future and regret of the past. He reveals how this constant activity of the mind serves as a mechanism which prevents us from living in the moment and trusting our intuitive intelligence. Thus: The Art of Falling Back Upon Oneself and The Yoga of Lies.

In spite of years of training and sitting at the feet of spiritual masters, it was only after the author veered away from his search for enlightenment that the foundations of those teachings could take effect. His life became a test of personal power in facing life-crisises, humiliation, tragedy and near death while learning to surrender with faith to the emerging intuitive intelligence. This observation of lies would collapse the notion of separateness from all that surrounds us and tip the scale by synchronizing body, mind and spirit for a full and wholesome existence.

Here is what other teachers have said about the book,

“…a real treasure of practical wisdom and valuable nuggets of golden words”

Samuel Avital, Author, Body Speak, Instructor, Le Centre du Silence

“Great book…down to earth inspirational, nuts and bolts how to do it, 

  welcoming the divine power of self.”

Don Hayes, Director, Sea Earth Society

I am deeply grateful for the introductions you have given me in my life

with amazing men. You are an inspiration.


The Silent Sage, by Ken Reed, iIlustrated by Robert O'Connor, 
8x8 Softcover 50 Pages     $ 11.95
ISBN: 978-0-914794-00-4
The Silent Sage is an illustrated parable about the search for truth . Beautifully illustrated with handwritten calligraphy. The parable charts the symbolic search for answers and the futility of that search without the ears to hear. Only one pilgrim comes to the wise old sage that can hear his message in the silence.

What people are saying:

"I have come across a very beautiful parable...The parable is by Ken Reed. 
Listen to it very attentively, and meditate over it."

"..One of the most profound things this story addresses is that the
 greatest sages and teachers do their work in silence."
     ~ Ellie, Inner Gateways

"I recommend this book for anyone whatever age you think you might be..."
 ~ Pam Porter, East West Journal

"The perfect tale for a rainy afternoon. I loved the story."
    ~ Laura Huxley

The Silent Sage DVD by Ken Reed, illuminated by Robert O'Connor
Narration and Songs by Sanjeevani  Bhelande         $15.95
ISBN: 978-0-914794-04-2
The Silent Sage parable, published more than 40 years ago, now comes to life as a Book-On DVD.
The story is beautifully narrated and accented with song by Sanjeevani Bhelande, famous Indian recoring artis.  Recorded  on location in Mumbai, India with Indian voice actors.

What People are saying:

"...I have come across a very beautiful parable...The parable is by Ken Reed. 
Listen to it very attentively, and meditate over it." 

Intelligence Beyond Thought,  Dadaji Gavand, 
Hardcover, 397 Pages. 23.50
In 1975 I met this remarkable and unassuming man from India. In spite of my own years searching and seeking out answers, I was at once compelled by our personal exchanges and conversations to share him with friends. During his 5 month stay with me I recorded some of these spontaneous conversations which became his first book, Beyond The Mind. He resisted large groups, always saying "let's just meet a few friends" and so, this is how he made friends across the world and shared his wisdom and grace with so many who came to know him, simply as "Dadaji"
Over more than 40 years of sharing his life and wisdom, on January 29th, 2012  he passed on but leaves us this powerful insight to an Intelligence Beyond Thought, his auto-biography.