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Retreat Participant Testimonials

Ken Reviews on 3 Day. Tapovan Retreat, India

"It was great experience with you at Tapovan satara. Two days are life changing for me." 
Raj Osho
India June 4th, 2015

"Those 3 days in my life were Wonderfull and most memorable.
Two years back when you were here I got real understanding of dimensions and dept

This time what I got was spiritual 'within' and out everywhere. All the participants had similar 
Experiencing and they genuinely feel more and more spiritual associations-."
Thanks a lot !

Subhash and Madhuri in Dadaji '
Tapovan Ashram.

From Ganesh Iyer 6-26-15
"Respected Mr. Ken. I was pleased to meet and myself and my wife will always thank you for the nice teachings and experience . The good exchanges surely help me and and my family. I was overwhelmed by your simplicity  and dedication. Dadaji came in my dream yesterday night and touched my head and don't worry iam there . I was taken aback. He clearly manifested and talked to me for five minutes 
he guided me how to go about from now onwards. He clearly mentioned  to me that iam good human with good clear heart and he mentioned  it twice. He also talked me me and said be on your work .With tests words he said ok . I was amazed this is my experience even though I did not do any service to him. Thanks to all of you and Dr.  Anjali madam  for or we will be in touch thro email and what's up. My sincere wishes to your sweet  daughter sone time next I will get my daughter also.  
Thank you ganesh iyer ."