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The Silent Sage Pilgrimage 2
Join the original pilgrims to retrace their 1971 footsteps of an Unfathomable journey
to find the Himalayan Masters
Pilgrims, Jai Rao and Ken Reed at Kausani, Himalayas 1971 
A view of Lake Nanital where we stayed for a few days. A magnificent place nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was here that we were with Ram Dass at the Evelyn Hotel in Sept 1971. We would just hang out with him and enjoy. He was on his way back to Maharaji's. We would also go to his ashram.

With Baba Ram Dass at Evelyn hotel in Nanital Sept 1971.
What a joy to see him and share our pilgrimage stories. It was here that Jai and I were joined by 3 others to continue our journey north to the mountains.
But first, a visit to Neem Karoli Baba's ashram to have his darshan. While there the most incredible event happened. One of our new members of the pilgrimage, Helga from Germany, had her bags stolen at the small hotel near the ashram. We went to Maharaji and reported the theft. He looked deeply at us and after sometime, said, "Come back after lunch and your belongings will be here. We did, and learned from one of the ashramites that he sent someone on a bike to retrieve the bags from the dwelling of the man who stole them. The man also came before Maharaji and prostrated himself, weeping uncontrollably. it was his moment as well as ours.
At times we only moved 20-30 miles a day on local buses which often carried goats, chickens and people. But all was ok as the experience was full of wonder.
The locals were totally fascinated to see Jean play a Beatles tune on the guitar. Later on the trek, this guitar would be just to cumbersome and Jean turned back. We never saw Jean again, but know she got what she came for.

As we traveled North in Himalayan foothills, a chance meeting with a local highway worker with whom we stayed for the night, said he felt compelled to give us his only framed photo of Babaji, his Guru. In time this photo would become our only guide.  As we would carefully show it to people along the way, they would give us directions to the next point.
Our trail was steadily climbing and here at this break a local woman served us tea. We then showed her the photo of Herakhan Babaji, and she acknowledged with surprise and pointed us on a northward direction on along the river.

Our trek continued for days along the Saryu River and our altitude was around 8500'. Were gifted with occasional glimpses of the snow capped Himalayas.
Soon we were far from any villages or supplies. We carried 20 kilos of #2 rice on our heads. By doing this we could trade with locals for cooked food which was most welcome.
Girish Chandra Joshi was a mysterious being that appeared to us and teilling us he knew why we were there and that as our pilgrimage continued, it was extremely important for us to take the right trail the next day. He also is the founder of Wisdom Garden Institute for which he told Ken that he would now bring to the west to spread the Dharma.
Finally, we arrived at Krishnanand's where we showed him the photo of Babaji. He indicated that this temple he maintained is indeed the Temple of Herakhan Baba, the one who was witnessed to take Jal-Samadhi.

This is the Herakhan Babaji temple which has a hot spring flowing from under it. We stayed here for sometime with Krishnanand and eventually, Jai returned to rebuild the temple in October, November and December of 1971. It is truly a powerful site.

Ken Reed,

Author/Mindfulness  teacher brings together

 the essence of  the

 ancient science of

 mindfulness into

 our everyday lives

 for full and joyous



He has more than 40

years as a practitioner

and former monk.

He conducts classes

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has written two

books, The Silent

Sage, and The Art of 

Falling Back Upon

Oneself and The Yoga

of Lies. His specialty is working individually with retreat participants to connect the dots and sort out life's challenges enhanced by meditation.

As an explorer and filmmaker, ken has produced a number of documentaries on evironmental subjects including the Eco-Traveler Safari Series. 

He regularly gives interviews to print, 

radio and TV.

He is director of Wisdom Garden Institute where more can be learned about

his work and mission



Jai Rao, my Indian friend and fellow pilgrim will join us on The Silent Sage Pilgrimage 2, as we retrace our steps for a life transforming experience.
Jai and I met as fellow monks or ashramites and soon decided to find the masters of the Himalayas.
In many ways he was our guide. Jai had gone to UC Berkely for an Engineering degree but now back in India. He is from a prominent family which gave him the background of a truly spiritural life. Over the years their home was a home a way from home to pilgrims from across the world. I also stayed there in Mumbai.
Today, Jai has a family and continues to spread the influence of our life transforming pilgrimage with others.