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Our 2019 Programs and Classes
Classes and series begin Wednesdays Jan 23rd, 6:30-7:30pm
at Pasco Wellness Center, New Port Richey, Florida
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1-time pass to Mindfulness Meditation class and satsang (Wednesdays) with Ken Reed


5 sessions for Mindfulness/Meditation with Ken Reed at Pasco Wellness Center


A Highlight of Previous Programs
 2016 "Path of the Masters" pilgrims
                  Experience our 2016 Pilgrimage                             "Path of the Masters" to the Himalayas, with Mindfulness/Meditation teacher, Ken Reed and the pilgrims

Join us at Namaste Yoga in Tarpon Springs, Florida, Jan 24th, 7:30 PM for a slide and video presentation of the "Path of the Masters" pilgrimage featuring talks and personal stories of this most extraordinary experience of 8 pilgrims that trekked the Himaiayas to visit holy sites. FREE 

1510 S Pinellas Av. 
Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689
      727 753 9045 

On December 1st, 2016, 8 pilgrims completed the Path of the Masters Himalayan trek to Holy sites and temples where we had satsang 
Below are some highlights from this most auspicioius and life changing event in India
All Day Retreat at Norbalingka Institute in Dharmsala, with ken Reed and Karma Tashi
Join us in Mumbai, India
 आत्म संघर्ष से आत्म स्वीकार की ओर 
Coming to Terms with Oneself Satsang       
and Workshop on Nov 6th, 4-7PM, Free
You are invited for this heartfelt gathering and reunion of Friends of Dadaji Gavand.
Location: Powai Hiranandani Garden, Mumbai, India
If you wish to join us, please write, we will send you an email with all directions and map. tel number etc.

Ken Reed,

Author/Mindfulness  teacher brings together

 the essence of  the

 ancient science of

 mindfulness into

 our everyday lives

 for full and joyous



He has more than 40

years as a practitioner

and former monk.

He conducts classes

and workshops and

has written two

books, The Silent

Sage, and The Art of 

Falling Back Upon

Oneself and The Yoga

of Lies. His specialty is working individually with retreat participants to connect the dots and sort out life's challenges enhanced by meditation.

As an explorer and filmmaker, ken has produced a number of documentaries on evironmental subjects including the Eco-Traveler Safari Series. 

He regularly gives interviews to print, 

radio and TV.

He is director of Wisdom Garden Institute where more can be learned about

his work and mission