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Reaching New Heights in the Himalayas

We Reached our goal of delivering much needed computers to the Himalayan Village Learning 
Centers in association with the Non-Profit Uttarakhand Envrionmental Education Center which now serves more than 450 villages. Our Wisdom Garden Institute "Path of the Masters" Pilgrims hand delivered the computers.
                         Reaching New Heights in the Himalayas continues to deliver

We're doing it again. Laptops and Educational materials for  remote Himalayan Village Learning Centers and need your help. This November 2018 our team will deliver our donations to both India and Nepal students in need of these tools. How can you help?



On November 16-17th we were able to deliver new computers to the Village Learning Center in Danya village in the Himalayas, the students were so grateful to have these new tools. Thank you banner to all who donated to this much need cause...Thank  you!
This is one of the many Village Learning Centers established by Uttarakhand Environmental Education Center the Non-profit serving some 450 villages with sustainable programs. We are thrilled that WGI was able to help raise funds for new computers.
We shared a great time when one of our Pilgrims, Don Hayes, as the character (Chief Good Earth) delivered a message of the value of protecting the environment... it was truly fun to see the students and villagers join the Chief in his tribal dance and drumming.
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Reaching New Heights in The Himalayas film